Books available by Mariella Poole


The Key

(published 2015)

Lily Thacker is twenty-four and has lived her whole life under her mother's thumb. She dreams of fun and excitement - something more than her current grim and monotonous existence, but in her current situation it all seems impossible as her every move is controlled relentlessly by her old-fashioned mother and she can see no way out.

In desperation she goes to see a Tarot reader, and is offered the hope of better things to come. Soon she begins to understand that she is not as powerless as she has been led to believe and that her mother is in fact suffering a personality disorder. As she begins to understand the nature of her mother's mind and the conditioning she has received, she begins her journey towards freedom and normality. It's not long, however, before the true nature of her mother's personality and the depth of her deception becomes apparent, shaking Lily's identity to the core.

From dreary Tooting to the glamorous island of Majorca, she sets out on a journey to find the truth about her existence ... and finds happiness, excitement and love along the way.


Learning To Fly

(published 2016)

Sabrina Jackson lived a comfortable life with her boyfriend on the sun-drenched island of Mallorca, working and mixing with the rich yachting crowd and the jet-set. She thought life was about as good as it could ever get for her, but then one summer she became the cook on a beautiful motor yacht for the season.

With scruffy but kind Captain Bryce, and a glamorous young stewardess, Sabrina embarks on a voyage of discovery and personal transformation, the likes of which she's never experienced before. Sabrina would find that sometimes everything has to fall apart, for the best to finally fall into place.


Coming soon -

The Love Business

A story about Daisy and her frustrated guardian angel set in Mallorca



The story of Bryce after The Key


Un-named "Project Kynthia"

Newcomer Kynthia and her adventure in Mallorca


All with a Mallorcan flavour, and mixing some familiar faces with some new characters in this soap opera we call Mallorcan life!